• Custom Woodworking


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Each piece is 100% hand crafted

Zack looks at chair making more as an art than a craft. 

Custom Chairs

Outdoor Chairs

No assembly required. Chairs will be delivered completed. 

Basic Chair and Side Table

Hardwood is known for its natural beauty, structure and durability. 

Office Chair

Zack will send samples upon request. 

Rocking Chairs

Material is 100% highest quality hardwoods. To care for the wood furniture, wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth and let air dry. 

Rocking Chairs

Basic chairs
Double sweetheart rocking chair
Reclining rocking chair
Single rocking chair

Working on the farm and in shop rarely allows Zack the chance to sit down so seating holds a very special place in his heart. He looks at chair making more as an art than a craft. "a chair has to fit the person whereas other pieces of furniture has standard sizes that fits everyone," Zack.

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